Lowcountry Oyster Festival 2019

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I never really liked oysters growing up. I remember saying “they taste like the ocean!” whenever my mom made me try it. But as I grow older my taste preferences have changed and maybe living by the coast played a part as well! I went to my first neighborhood Oyster Roast sometime in 2012 and boy did I love it! So this year I made it a point to go to the largest oyster festival!

The Lowcountry Oyster Roast was named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast by the Southeastern Tourism Society.  I’ve also heard a lot of good things about it through co workers and friends! So I decided to go!

The Oyster Roast was held at the historic Boone Hall Plantation famously known for movies like the Notebook (this was Allie’s summer house) and were Blake Lively got married. I can go on and on for what this plantation is famous for but, we’ll save that for another day! First, Tickets! Yes you would need a ticket to enter the event. General Admission tickets are priced at $17.50 online and $25 for day of event purchases. The ticket only includes admission to the event but an option for a $100 VIP Ticket is also available. The VIP Ticket includes entry to the VIP tent wherein you can have unlimited oysters, food, and beverages as well as comfortable seating. I initially wanted to purchase this but it was already sold out two weeks prior to the event! So if you plan to get the VIP Tickets better purchase them as early as you can!

The event was on a Sunday this year (not entirely sure if it’s always on a Sunday!) it was a perfect day for an Oyster Roast because it did not rain nor was it too cold. It was quite chilly so I decided to go for a fleece turtle neck top, a vest, and some riding boots!

The Oyster Roast opens its doors at 10am and ends at around 5pm. We decided to skip the early bird crowd and arrive around 11am in time for lunch. It was only an hour in the event and parking spaces near the event grounds were already full. We actually liked the fact that we parked further down because we got to go on a quick hayride!

Like I said, you can purchase tickets as you enter if you’re unsure whether the weather would cooperate during the day of the event! There was really no line when we got to the event entrance and bag check was quick and easy! As you enter, a souvenir stand with event shirts ($8-$20), hats ($20), and the most important thing shucking knives and gloves ($2) are available for sale! So if you don’t have those at home I highly recommend purchasing from the souvenirs booth! At $2 it was a great deal, so you can enjoy your Oysters without any hassle! A woman who brought her own actually complimented our shucking knives talking about how high quality they were for $2!

Several restaurants around the area set up their booths and provided small plates in exchange for tickets. Food tickets can be purchased at the ticket tent in the middle of the event grounds. Food tickets were priced at $2 each (food and beverages from vendors were priced at 1-3 tickets, oysters were 6 tickets per bucket). For two people we ended up spending $70. I honestly think that the food were decently priced for the quality that we got. It was a lot of small plates but it was such a filling adventure for my belly! We started we small plates from Nico, Tavern and Table, Rebel Tacqueria, Toast,  and how can we not get some of the award winning mac and cheese from Crave Kitchen? We then got some bloody mary for 3 tickets ($6)

We ended with a bucket of Oysters for 6 tickets ($12) ! Because, this is what we came here for! For $12 it was high quality oysters that were cooked just right! I remember opening the shells and kept getting amazed at how big these oysters were! Saltine crackers, hot sauce, and marinara is also available for every bucket purchased! A good thing about this event is the environmental aspect fo recycling all the oysters and making sure that they end up where they should be through the aid of the CCA.

If you’re not that into oysters, it’s okay! I honestly think that this is a social event altogether! You get to socialize with lots of different people depending on who you’re sharing the Oyster table with. It’s also a great event for some family / friends bonding! A lot brought their own chairs and blankets to watch the Oyster Shucking and Oyster Eating contest!

It was indeed a fun experience and I’m looking forward to next year’s Oyster Roast!

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